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Joep Mencke

[ NL ]  Klassified | The Gardens of Babylon


Joep Mencke is a producer and DJ based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and resident of Klassified Records and Crossings. Inspired by exotic cultures and nature, Joep Mencke blends different styles to create a form of electronic music that is melodious, deep, and spiritual. His releases have been supported by artists such as Oliver Koletzki, Henry Saiz, Britta Arnolds, André Hommen, Unders, Sabo, and Milo Häffliger, and many more.

Driven by electronic beats, his harmony oriented compositions take the listener on a journey. The beats are like a train which keeps on going, enabling the chords and melodies to hypnotize the listener. This “journey” aspect plays an essential role in Joep Mencke’s music; each track is a journey in itself, and every track is a unique and critical component of in the larger musical journey. Joep explains how this journey is about everything music represents: “it is about emotions, memories, experiences and anything else that is important to you at that moment”. The synergies created by these aspects make the musical journey powerful and profound, creating a multi-dimensional experience. This journey becomes a platform, a vehicle for exploration and transformation.



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