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Archetypal rhythms, otherworldly melodies, and galaxies of possibility converge in Pandhora, a solarpunk-inspired, electronic music project whose France-based founders, Amine and Rémi, seek community over accolades, and wonder over certainty. 

Disenchanted with the confines of the corporate world, the duo left their respective engineering jobs in 2015 to embark on a sonic quest to fuse psychedelia and electronica with moods of melancholia, mystery, and euphoria. Their goal: to craft

in music the vision they have for personal and collective empowerment—the curation of dreams, the embrace of freedom, and reverence for our planetary home.

Pandhora is not just a funky rave machine. It’s an intentional community, where daydreamers are invited on a quest to co-create a world of dreams through various multimedia platforms. Vulnerability, engagement, and sharing are encouraged, with a focus on inspiring one another to pursue dreams, live in freedom, and cherish the planet.

The emphasis on instrumental improvisation and artistic collaboration in the duo’s music reflects the group’s drive to innovate, share, and experiment. Free-form, unstructured sounds combine elements of vocals, guitar, and keyboard. Ethereal rhythms and sonic flows usher Pandhora’s community members on a journey with the artists into collective dreamscapes and deep states of consciousness where the possible can be envisioned. 

Pandhora’s solarpunk roots fuel the creative project with visions of a world that successfully overcomes today’s existential challenges, especially negative, human-induced impacts on the environment. Sharing their vision musically is central to the band’s artistic vocation, as is the co-creation, with their listeners, of a dreamers’ community empowered to bring about positive change and sustainable living. 

Since 2018, Pandhora has taken their live acts, including The Piper In The Sky, Deep Psychedelia, and Evasion, on the road to venues in Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and India. You are invited to join the quest to explore inner worlds and, together, heal and enhance the outer world.

Enter the quest.



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