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Alonso Rivero

[ MX ]  Akumandra | Children of the Future | Trajinera Records


Alonso Rivero is an established musician based in Mexico City. As a drummer who has transitioned towards electronic music, he incorporates elements of live percussion into his DJ sets, crafting immersive musical experiences uniquely tailored for each of his shows. Between the deep techno beats and melodic arrangements he delivers, Alonso draws constant inspiration from the dance floor, fostering an inevitable connection with the crowd.

In addition to his presence in the DJ booth and on the dance floor, Alonso dedicates much of his time to producing his own music in the studio. His debut album, “Rise,” takes listeners on a journey through a seamless fusion of organic sounds and techno synths, with melodies that soar to new heights. Apart from his solo endeavors, Alonso thrives on collaboration with other artists; MAGA, Carlita, and Coss have already contributed their sounds to his work, promising exciting future projects.

Alonso has graced the stages of some of the most exclusive gatherings worldwide, including the Mezcal Amores Experience, Love Medicine in New York, Gardens of Babylon, Tropico, RadioBosque, Onda Linda, and his DJ residency at Maxa Camp in Burning Man since 2017.



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