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Oceanvs Orientalis

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Oceanvs Orientalis is an international “electronic & experimental” music composer, producer, record label owner, and independent film director.

Born in Istanbul, Safak Ozkutle aka Oceanvs Orientalis worked as a creative director until the age of 24. Since the year 2011, as he is mostly in the musical realm now, he did so many world tour with his easy-going heavy bass-oriented, groovy style.

It is a “music” that doesn’t believe in “Genres”, and blends the sonic heritage of the world, with the newest styles, and techniques… A “music” that maybe doesn’t serve anything in particular, but it’s an experiment to feel the beautiful harmony of “Happiness & Sadness”, “Slow & Fast”… The compossibility of life.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, he tries to merge sound, visuals, and movement into one integrated organism. Between the years of 2013 and 2023, Oceanvs Orientalis has shared 4 Albums, 6 EPs, 5 Singles, countless remixes, and live performances; in some of the main cities on four continents. Also currently working on a feature length instrumental documentary at Anatolia.

He is continuing his musical journey around the globe, in addition to releasing every month a fresh talent in his community called “Kanto Records”, since 2017.



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