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The Soul Brothers

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Two contrasting and complementing minds that come up together to create a harmonious lifeform of soulful flair and a blend of a deep, mystical and energetic sound.

A little mystery surrounds the nature of their relationship and leaves the crowd wondering if they are truly siblings or are only bonded through their soul, The Soul Brothers is the alias which embodies the talent of the Mexican born duo Daniel Muñoz and Tomás Encorrada.

In 2008 they began their individual musical journey as DM and Thomaz, and in 2011 they began collaborating as The Soul Brothers.

Their newfound sound was warmly accepted by the Mexican audience which resulted in numerous invitations from some of the most renowned clubs across the country.

2016 marked the birth of Talavera Records, a platform to promote and support upcoming talent, a record label that continues to grow and gain recognition. Later that year, the duo released their first EP achieving a high sales index mainly in Europe, North America and Africa.

Highlights include performances at iconic clubs like the Kater Blau and Sishyphos in Berlin, Scorpios in Mykonos, Woomoon in Ibiza, Communion and Grand Rivage in Paris, CLDC Barcelona, and at festivals like Burning Man in the U.S.A., Bedouin Tech in Dubai and The Monastery in Germany.

In the last 2 years clubbers in Amsterdam, Beirut, Cairo, Houston, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Toronto, Tulum and Washington D.C. were left ecstatic by the duo’s sound and live energy.

Each track in their sets is produced by the duo, unique tracks that are beautifully crafted and elaborated to the detail, bringing bliss and euphoria to each performance.

The Soul Brothers create stories that are told through waves of harmony, texture, and beats that take the audience into a deep journey of organic, ethnic and surreal acoustic pleasure.

Their hot Mexican vibe creates magic that travels as colorful and tasty notes that land at the dancefloor.



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